Drifter / Dim Sum Lights

The second Drifter dinner will showcase an evening of sensual dim sum. We’re going to turn down the lights and let you drift into a delectable fermentation experience!

We will serve a variety of small plates: dumplings (shiitake or lamb and steamed or fried), scallion pancakes, seaweed salad, oshitashi, miso roasted squash, hotpot-essence tofu, and ume rice. For those who prefer simplicity, there will be a build-your-own-bowl miso base soup with rice or egg noodle choices and the option to choose toppings, many from the small plates offered on the menu as well as pickled egg (yum!). There will be dipping sauces galore, as is required for any good Chinese fusion experience (odd sauce! gado gado! nuoc cham!). Bring a crew and order one of everything! You will not be sorry.

Inner Love Foods will brew up a refreshing fizzy chrysanthemum tea. Dessert includes red bean buns and coconut milk rice. Everything, down to the tofu and dumpling wrappers, will be made in house. Fermentation Illustrated 3 will be available for light reading as you eat your food (we know you’ll be busy chatting with your friends).