Fermentation Illustrated, Issue 2: Sourdough Makes Me Emotional

The second issue of Fermentation Illustrated, Sourdough Makes Me Emotional, is finally out! The issue is 8 full-color 8.5 x 11 pages that features hunger moon philosophy, a sourdough bread recipe, comparison art pieces of the gut, a microbial parody of (one of the most awesome) rap group(s) N.W.A, and Very Adult Conversations with Michelle (@berkshireferments co-founder). I illustrate and design each issue by hand using ink, gouache, and collage. They are then scanned and printed on high-quality recycled paper. I put the utmost care into into their production!

If you’d like to purchase a copy, visit my online store. You can also purchase Fermentation Illustrated subscriptions (6 and 12-month), signed copies of my book, and upcycled ‘Fermentation on Wheels’ and ‘Grow a Pear’ tees.

Happy fermenting! Issue 3 will be the Compost Issue, which is one of my favorite things to ‘dig into’ come spring. Its release date is March 19th.


Fizzy Ferments: Beverage Fermentation

Fermentation is a testament to the deep intelligence of age-old processes, the wonders of collaboration with nature, and the eagerness of microorganisms to thrive. Discover traditions of preservation through bacterial collaboration in this hands-on class at The Armstrong Farm in Sussex County, NJ.

Learn how to make an array of fizzy beverages! Discover the continuum of fermentation processes when we encourage microbial growth with the simple addition of sugars and starter cultures. Learn about unique yeasts and bacteria and their roles in creating nutritious and delicious beverages. This course will cover kombucha, ginger beer, and water kefir.

We will ferment with flora local to Sussex County and students will bring starter cultures home to begin more projects at home.

This event is co-hosted by Get Juiced Health Bar Cafe, Inner Love Foods, and The Armstrong Farm. Each participant will receive a cold bottle of Inner Love Foods water kefir.

Please purchase tickets online through Eventbrite or Facebook. They are $22 plus processing fees ($24.97). You may also pay in person day-of for $25. Keep in mind space is limited and tickets are only guaranteed if you purchase tickets in advance!