We welcome volunteers in many shapes and forms. As we move forward and gather more attention, our followers want more, more, more. So, how can you help?

Communications & Outreach 

We are always trying to get the word out, often through social media and e-mailing people that make our hearts pound a little harder. If you know a venue or organization that would be interested in what we do, let us know – let them know too! If you know any press contacts who would like what we’re doing, we’ll take that too.


Do you have something to say or stories to tell about food sustainability or fermentation? Maybe you make riveting works of art that inspire people to think differently about food culture. We want to see! We’re in the process of publishing literature monthly, and would love to have your work in our zine.

Join the trip.

We’re also looking for dedicated individuals to join different legs of our trip. Is there a region you would be especially helpful in? Do you ferment food until you’re passing out at the kitchen counter? Do you like to get in the dirt and know your food a little better?  All of these qualities are quite qualifying.

For volunteer opportunities, please contact Tara at tara@fermentationonwheels.com.