All workshops can be adjusted to accommodate beginner through advanced level.

Culture Swap

A brief forum on starter cultures and tour of the bus. Attendees may bring starter cultures of their own for exchange & discussion as well as bring an empty jar and take a culture home. We ask for a minimum $5 donation for culture take home (unless otherwise arranged).

Get Cultured!

Celebrates the uniqueness of the starter culture. A collection of kefir, tibicos, sourdough, and kombucha are presented to the audience. In this workshop, we discuss ferments that require inoculation – their history, how to feed them, and the delicious transformative foods they create. Followed by a tour of/starter culture swap on the bus.

Fermenting by Season

Teach & prepare a wild vegetable ferment with local, seasonal ingredients. This workshop is process-based and hands-on, with a focus on culinary creativity and troubleshooting guidance. Followed by a tour of/starter culture swap on the bus.

Kimchi and Sourdough Starter Maintenance

The history of and how to make kimchi joined with maintaintence of one of our most loved starter cultures: sourdough.

Presentation & Potluck

A fermented food-themed potluck joined by a 30-45 minute talk. The talk starts with an introduction of the what, how & why of Fermentation on Wheels and then about fermentation. Questions are encouraged. We follow the potluck and talk with a tour of and starter culture swap on the bus.