Fermentation Illustrated was birthed in the wee hours of late-night conversation at a Brooklyn speakeasy between two fermento-philes, Tara Whitsitt of Fermentation Wheels and Barry Schwartz of Barry’s Tempeh.

Five years later, Tara has taken on their brain-child as her very own. Now based in Northwest New Jersey, near the Appalachian Trail and Delaware Water Gap, Tara designs and illustrates each zine by hand. Her main mediums are ink, gouache, and collage. She uses high quality recycled paper and puts the utmost care into its production. Monthly issues are 8 full-color 8.5 x 11 pages that share cultural, historical, and personal stories of fermentation, inspiring people to do it themselves.

Fermentation Illustrated is $10 an issue. New issues are released on the third Thursday of every month, adjoining our monthly pop-up dinner parties, Drifter. These parties are very fun and you can purchase zines at half-price. If you live far away, you can purchase single issues or a subscription through our online store.

Enjoy this digital copy of our first zine, Tempeh Demystified (PDF).

Promotional image for Tempeh Demystified
Fermentation on Wheels sticker, Tempeh Demystified, and Issue 2: Sourdough Makes Me Emotional
Tara illustrating the original Fermentation on Wheels logo